Thursday, December 21, 2017

Hello Winter! || LotD #6

Hair: Ayashi - Jeni hair, anime set. 
Choker:  knit choker by Pink Hustler
Hoodie: Malcolm Hoodie by Vinyl
Jeans: TBO - Kim turquoise jeans.
Boots: Montana Fringed Boots by Prism


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Galactic Shift || LotD #5

Dress: "Shifty - Galaxy" by Eclectic Stars 
Boots: "Nymph" lace-up boots by Livalle
Necklaces: "Peace" necklace by Tempestuous, from the Free Dove; "Torin" choker by Mulloy, gift at Fameshed.
Hair: "Feelings" by Magicka

Monday, December 11, 2017

Gollie, Mollie || LOTD #4

Is it just me or am I looking 90's AF right now? One of my favorite things is to just start throwing on things from my inventory and accidentally put an outfit together. This one started with the jeans I already had on, and a new hair I was trying on, and then just fell together from there!

Hair: "Mollie" group gift from Besom.
Necklaces: "Peace" necklace by Tempestuous, from the Free Dove; "Torin" choker by Mulloy, gift at Fameshed.
Sweater: Cropped Sweater by Sweet Lotus.
Jeans: Calca Jeans Rasgada by Fatal Fashion - from E/M event.
Boots: "Judas" boots from Entice.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Gettin' Chilly || LotD #3

Hair: Summer by Magika
Eye Make-up: Catwalicious HUD from Indulge Temptation
Lipstick:  Twotone Lips by The Little Bat
Coat: HIlly Haalan - Peggy Coat
Jeans: Absence of Fear Jeans by Beautiful Dirty Rich
Boots: Just Design - Ugz Group Gift

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sophie and Judas || LotD #2

Hair: Sophie by Runaway
Make-Up: Catwalicious palate by Indulge Temptation.  
Choker: Knit Choker by Pink Hustler
Top: CGF - Long Sleeve Slim Top, white / buttons (from the "Autumn" outfit)
Jeans: Destroyed Jeans by Beautiful Dirty Rich
Boots: Judas boots by Entice
* * * 
I am obsessed with this hair from Runaway, which was a gift at Hairology, as was the choker, from Pink Hustler. I neglected unboxing several other Hairology gifts for a few days because I was distracted by this hair, haha. 

My boots were one of those happy inventory accidents where you find something you totally forgot you even had. These boots by Entice were a gift in last year's Peace on Earth Hunt (can't wait for the next one!) and oh my gosh, ya'll somehow I'd never even gotten around to unboxing them! 

Check out the color options for the hair and boots below!

Monday, November 27, 2017

High Glam || LotD #1

Top: Hilly Haalan - Women's Day Gift Sweater [Group Gift]
Jeans: Amaria Amore - Spring Jeans [Dirty Little Secret Hunt 8]
Shoes: Hilly Haalan - Mother's Day Gift MItzi Shoes [Group Gift]
Hair: Firelight - Miranda Salt & Pepper [Dirty Little Secret Hunt 8]
Make-Up: Catwalicious HUD by Indulge Temptation [Catwalicious Hunt]

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Jumping on the #SecondLifeChallenge bandwagon!

Because I've been struggling to keep up with posting to this blog regularly, I decided to try my hand at one of Strawberry Singh's weekly #secondlifechallenge posts (almost a week too late, haha). This one seemed like a perfect first challenge for me to try - one all about being a Second Life blogger! 

Berry gave us 10 questions, and here are my answers!

  1. How long have you been vlogging or blogging about Second Life? - I started this blog in June of 2016, but in over a year, I've only posted 16 times - this post being my 17th - so needless to say, I've been terribly inconsistent about it. That means that even though I've had this blog for a while now, I'm still quite new to SL blogging. I still have tons to learn about all the fancy lighting and photography tricks that most bloggers use.  
  2. Why did you start blogging or vlogging? I've always loved fashion and beauty, and for a time really wanted to do some sort of fashion/lifestyle blog, but those are expensive interests to have and I was never able to afford to delve too far into them. Later on, I realized that sort of blog existed for Second Life, a game I'd been playing for years, and soon I wanted in on that! Of course, it was still a while before I actually took the plunge and made this blog.   
  3. How many times a week/month do you post? lol... my goal right now it to work my way up to once a week.
  4. Do you keep track of how many hits or subscribers you have? Not currently, no, because it seems silly to worry about that sort of thing when I haven't yet figured out how to post consistently, but once I do that, of course I will.
  5. Which electronic deviced to you se to blog/vlog with? Just my laptop for blogging, and my phone for Instagramming. I'd love to get into vlogging though, as soon as I get my desktop fixed, since I don't think my laptop could handle the capturing and editing and all that.
  6. Do you monetize your blog or vlogs? If so, do you mind sharing how much you make approximately? (You don't have to answer the second question) I do have an AdSense account, but I don't bother checking how many pennies I've made yet, since I'm not posting regularly enough to worry about it. 
  7. What has Second Life blogging or vlogging taught you? Well, I suppose it's taught me that even my dumb hobby requires some minimal level of discipline if I want to be any good at it. 
  8. Do you feel Second Life blogging or vlogging takes away from your real life? Nope. And I can't say it's the other way around either. I'm just terrible at time management. 
  9. Do you have a mission statement for your blog or vlog, if so, what is it? I don't know if I'd call it a mission statement, but I was always planning on the focus of my blog being free and very cheap things, such as group gifts and hunt items, because it seemed like a good way to prevent myself from spending too much money. XD
  10. Share your top 3 tips for new bloggers/vloggers. I don't have any, since I'm basically a newb at the whole blogging thing, but I look forward to seeing other people's answers!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Oh my god, shoes.

My biggest weakness in SL is shoes, so shoes are my favorite kind of hunt or group gifts!Check out some of my favorite free/cheap shoe finds so far!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Guess Who's Back (Back again...)

A great way to ruin your blogging streak is to be bad at managing your money and thus have to give up your plot of land, and then when you get it back, drag your feet on getting set back up again.

And then tarte. made a new house for the June round of Collabor88 and I had to have it. 

I'm not done moving in yet, mostly because I got distracted with The World At Your Feet Hunt. More from that soon, plus a house tour once I'm settled!

Cropped Tank Top - *COCO* Group Gift
Skinny Jeans - *COCO* Group Gift
Sunset Flip Flops - Kingswood - The World At Your Feet Hunt Prize
Hair - Olya by Sentinus