Sunday, July 10, 2016

I have no self control.

Remember when I was like "I'm gonna buy hands and feet because that's totally worth it" but wasn't planning to do much more than that because the whole point of this blog was to be showing how to spend the least money possible?

Yeah, about that.

The natural progression from just getting hands and feet to also deciding fuck it Ill go ahead and get a body too, just to make things easier, thats forgiveable. But then I went and got myself a dang mesh head.

I've been curious about them for a long time now, but I never bought one on my other account because I've had her for aaages and I've spent a long time on her face and I cant just go and pick any random head. (But as more and more become available, I think I'm getting closer to finding on for her.)

But for this account, which I was never so attached to, I just got to play around trying on a bunch of different demo heads and read a few blog posts and try on some more demos until I found one I liked enough to buy: Helena, by Catwa. You can find a full breakdown on the Basics page.

Also I bought another house from tarte because I have a fucking tarte problem, ya'll.

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