Sunday, June 19, 2016

Modern Home, Vintage Touch

Sometimes, I wander aimlessly around the Marketplace, just browsing for nothing in particular. I happened upon this neat little house by .lame. "Kyle's Modern Townhouse" is 100% mesh, only 19 prims, and is totally FREE. It doesn't have a door, which is a bit weird, but it's cute and the two levels make a perfect separation for the photo studio and the living area. 

And in that living area, is now this adorable chaise lounge, a free group gift from The Vintage Touch. And speaking of The Vintage Touch, check out these dresses! They were all free gifts found in a mini-hunt at The Free Dove. Also included in the hunt were several pairs of sandals that I can't wear until I finally break and go buy some Slink feet. Which I'm definitely going to do eventually. I know the point of this blog is to show off stuff I get for free or nearly free, but when it comes to shoes, it's worth it to invest in feet, because over half the free shoes I've found are for Slink feet. 

My hair here was also free; "Namie" was a gift for the group SL Frees & Offers by The Alice Project. 

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