Thursday, June 9, 2016

Home Base.

The closest I'll ever be to Stanford

When I logged back into this account for the first time in aaaages my avatar looked so bad that I had to revert to one of the default avies, but actually, this one, called Carla, is actually pretty cute. So after a bit of random wandering about, I went to work.

If I was going to do this blogging thing right, I needed to have myself a home base, so I found a darling little sky dome with changeable scenery, and 200 prims for L$400/wk If I manage to acquire a fair amount of home goods, I may upgrade to a box with a higher prim allowance, but for now it's more than enough.

On that little plot of land, I placed an adorable little house from tarte. It's not much to look at from the outside, since it's meant to just be a sky box, but look how stinkin' cute it is inside!

The Little Skyboxis only 10 prims, so it's perfect for anyone on a prim budget! Then, I, like every sl-blogging newb, grabbed the (free!) Simple Photo Studio, (and enlarged the house a little to make sure there was plenty of room for the sudio) and then I was ready to rock and roll!

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