Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ydea Style Free Dove Mini Hunt.

Totally forgot to post these before I went and tweaked my face and picked up that free townhouse! Ydea Style had a mini hunt at The Free Dove. 

Gift 1: "Shine Pink" - I love this top. 

Gift 2: "Spider Orange" - I'm not a fan of skirt prims, so I don't know if I'll keep this.

Gift 3: "Roma" dress in Red. Love this!

Gift 4: "Gioia Mini Dress" with color change HUD.
Gift 5: "Beatrice" Haven't decided how I feel about the dalmatian print. 
Gift 6: "Gaia Summer Dress" with color change HUD - missed this one in the original photo sesh.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Modern Home, Vintage Touch

Sometimes, I wander aimlessly around the Marketplace, just browsing for nothing in particular. I happened upon this neat little house by .lame. "Kyle's Modern Townhouse" is 100% mesh, only 19 prims, and is totally FREE. It doesn't have a door, which is a bit weird, but it's cute and the two levels make a perfect separation for the photo studio and the living area. 

And in that living area, is now this adorable chaise lounge, a free group gift from The Vintage Touch. And speaking of The Vintage Touch, check out these dresses! They were all free gifts found in a mini-hunt at The Free Dove. Also included in the hunt were several pairs of sandals that I can't wear until I finally break and go buy some Slink feet. Which I'm definitely going to do eventually. I know the point of this blog is to show off stuff I get for free or nearly free, but when it comes to shoes, it's worth it to invest in feet, because over half the free shoes I've found are for Slink feet. 

My hair here was also free; "Namie" was a gift for the group SL Frees & Offers by The Alice Project. 

Positive Vibes

I love getting a complete outfit for one low price, especially when that low price is FREE! This set by Somnia is available at The Free Dove. The shoes and sweater also come with color change HUDs if pink isn't your color, or you don't want to be quite as matchy.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My first furniture!

For only L$1, I picked up this neat little breakfast set from Bazar. Also, sitting on my table is a jar of LGBT Pride by The Vintage Touch. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

De-noob-ifying for zero lindens.

Step1: acquire free undies so as to take pictures without flashing bits all over the place.

Step2: Use "Daria" shape from The Free Dove, but decide not to use the skin that came with it.

Step3: Use Anna skin from the Free Dove. Bonus points to this skin for having appliers for Slink hands and feet, which will come in handy for that inevitable future purchase.

Step4: Wear this cute hair, and cuter outfit by Sweet Tea Couture, from the Free Dove

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Home Base.

The closest I'll ever be to Stanford

When I logged back into this account for the first time in aaaages my avatar looked so bad that I had to revert to one of the default avies, but actually, this one, called Carla, is actually pretty cute. So after a bit of random wandering about, I went to work.

If I was going to do this blogging thing right, I needed to have myself a home base, so I found a darling little sky dome with changeable scenery, and 200 prims for L$400/wk If I manage to acquire a fair amount of home goods, I may upgrade to a box with a higher prim allowance, but for now it's more than enough.

On that little plot of land, I placed an adorable little house from tarte. It's not much to look at from the outside, since it's meant to just be a sky box, but look how stinkin' cute it is inside!

The Little Skyboxis only 10 prims, so it's perfect for anyone on a prim budget! Then, I, like every sl-blogging newb, grabbed the (free!) Simple Photo Studio, (and enlarged the house a little to make sure there was plenty of room for the sudio) and then I was ready to rock and roll!